Victory Day!

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Today is Cinco de Mayo, Mexican’s Victory day celebrating its win over the larger and better equipped French forces at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.

Apropos the scenario is the war in Ukraine. The Russian invading army is larger and better equipped. But the stiff resistance from the Ukrainians proves the native people are more determined to not give-in. And to date, they are victorious. 

Case in point are the Ukrainian troops holding up in the steel plant in Mariupol, right now. Out-gunned and out-numbered, the defenders are inspirations and heroes in their valor. Regardless the outcome, they will be remembered as such.    

Ironic in symbolism, next Monday 9 May is Russian’s victory day celebration on defeating  Nazi Germany in World War II, 77 years ago. Russian president Vladimir Putin is desperately looking for a win with his botched invasion of Ukraine. 

If the outcome in Mariupol turns out in Ukraine’s favor, poetic justice is done.

How do you think victory will be defined in the Ukraine invasion?


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