Discipline – Further Explained

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Discipline is often viewed with negative connotations.  Such as poor performance due to lack of discipline, running a marathon demands self discipline, and the likes. Generally, it conjures up forced compliance – control, punishment, enforced behavior. 

But what if I tell you that it does not have to be? Indeed, self discipline can be a cinch if your mind and body are aligned. Insofar as if your mind really wants it, your body will make it happen.

For example, I run for my health, a priority for me. That purpose motivates me to overcome excuses like it’s cold outside or I don’t have time. Sufficiently motivated, I will dress for the weather or find time to squeezing in my run.

The difference is in the purpose.  The clearer one’s purpose, the easier it is to follow through. That is also known as the power of why.   

Are you a disciplined person? And why?



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