Why Digital Transformation?

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Digital transformation sounds technical and business-like.  But in a nutshell, it is using digital technologies to better business.

The popularity of digital technologies has skyrocketed with the advent of mobile devices, internet, and cloud computing.  Technologies such as the Zoom, Artificial Intelligence, and Google Search are becoming part of consumer’s vernaculars.

In the past two plus years, the need for digital transformation (DX) has become acute due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With folks staying at home, customers and employees included, businesses have to find ways to deliver (or improve) their products or services via digital platforms. Or risk going under.

The DX could be simple as part of business processes such as mobile payment – touchless and cashless. Its success will enhance business’ existing brick-and-mortar operations, even post-pandemic. A compelling value proposition that no business can afford to pass.

How is your experience with the digital transformation?





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