Ukraine War Update #3 – Kharkiv

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Finland President Sauli Niinistö told Russian President Vladimir Putin today that it will seek NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) membership – the exact outcome that Putin is trying to prevent.

Here is the thing: Niinistö assured Putin that this decision should not be construed as a middle finger to Russia. But it, in fact, is. That is why Finland, and soon Sweden, seeks  alliance with NATO because the distrust of Russia.

Now twelve weeks into the Ukraine war, the tide is turning. Ukrainian forces are on the counteroffensive driving Russian troops out of it’s second largest city Kharkiv (Putin tried to take Kyiv, the Ukraine’s capital, but failed).

Not only Russia is becoming the pariah of the world, its military is beginning to show strains in this self inflicted invasion while Ukraine is being resupplied by the US and the West.

How long will the invasion last?  The answer is when the Russians are defeated. Specific date is hard to pinpoint but the writing is on the wall.

Do you believe that Putin should be given a chance to save face and declare his special military operation is over?

Update 2, here.

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