Week In Review – 15 May 2022

Summery weather arrived overnight in Washington DC.  Just in time for the abortion right demonstration downtown (and across the nation?). Was the US Supreme Court draft opinion leaked on purpose or a matter of lacking discipline? All 98 pages of it?

Overseas, on the eastern front, the Ukraine war is also heating up.

Some “expert” estimates that Russian troops can last 90 days. True or not, the tide seems to be turning. Besides the Ukrainians’ determination to fight, an extra edge is President Zenlenskyy’s appeals to the international community and his use of digital transformation on the war’s prosecution to get his message across.  

Two other factors worth considering: 1) don’t discount our virtual friends.  Just look at the amount of support Zenlenskyy has garnered virtually that enabled his people to fight the Russian invaders, and 2) don’t fight against the normal order. Which is what undermines Vladimir Putin’s calculations.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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