Heatwave Weekend

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A heatwave will be hitting Washington DC area this weekend. Ahead of it, I am experiencing a heatwave of my own. Perhaps perception is reality here. The increased temperature and humidity feel like a wet blanket draping over me.

My mind races ahead to my long run tomorrow when the temperature forecast is to hit 96 degree Fahrenheit (twenty degree above normal). What should I wear, what to bring, and how fast to run? Images already spinning in my head creating a mental sauna.

Not to be left out, my body jumps into the act.  I sense moisture on my forehead and the lower part of my back as if I am impregnated with a furnace, fueled by the weather news. All in my head, and self inflicted. Full knowing.

I ended up taking a meditation break just to calm myself down and not get ahead and overheated prematurely.

What would you recommend to stay cool during the heatwave?

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