Achilles Tendinopathy


Also known as Achilles tendinitis, it is a lump in the Achilles tendon. I have noticed this lump on my right leg for about a week or so. It is obvious when contrasting it with my left side which is normal and is a form of injury due to overload.

About two months ago, I had calf strains on my left leg. So I added high knee skips at end of my runs to strengthen my calf muscles. At the end of my run, my legs are usually tired which could have caused my forms to be off. Thus overloading my Achilles.

What will I do?

I will suspend the skipping exercises as that tend to exacerbate the Achilles tendinitis. Instead, I will focus more on the graded calf raises, meaning loading my Achilles with calf raises in a graduated fashion — from seated (least load) to full standing.

The idea of the graded calf raises is to rebuild the Achilles’ tendon collagen fibers.  There is no short cuts nor quick fixes. The process  take 6 to 12 weeks. Thankfully, I have not signed up for any races. Thus I can take the time to tend to my Achilles.

Have you had Achilles tendinitis?


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