Week In Review – 22 May 2022

This week concluded in a heatwave for the Washington DC area, the earliest preview of summer in my recollection. These weather extremes have been happening elsewhere. Now it is our turn to face it.

Heeding the warning of excessive heat, I took plenty of water breaks during my Saturday  long run. Albeit took longer than usual, I was able to take on the heat challenge and manage my morning run, including my Achilles.

Not everyone was so lucky. In the Brooklyn Half marathon held on the same day under  similar heat condition, a 32 year old runner died after crossing the finishing line. Such news always make me sad. It amounts to violence against the self. Applying excessive force is beyond reason.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that feelings are real and emotional truths are powerful drivers. They are what make us human beings a force for good or evil. The pain and suffering levied on Ukrainians by Russian president Vladimir Putin is an example of the latter. 

Meanwhile, we have a host of other challenges such as climate crises, food & energy insecurities, pandemic requiring our attentions. A protracted Ukraine war diverts us from solving these urgent problems.  Or am I reading too much news?  

Stay safe & Have a nice week

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