Real-Time Analytics In Actions

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When it comes to the Big Data, nothing tickles me more than the real-time analytics. Why? Because its applications in our everyday life illustrate what the power of the Big Data can do for us. Particularly from data generated by our cell phones, cars, and the likes.

According to Bernard Marr, “real-time analytics uses streaming data and makes sense of it quickly, accurately, and responsively.” Real-time analytics (RA) as a tool enables us to process information leveraging the power of digital technology beyond our physical capacity. 

So instead of circling the parking garage for available spot, RA will show how many spaces are available/where. Instead of reading the map, navigation system using RA to provide turn-by-turn directions including traffic congestion and ETA (estimate time of arrival).   

Additionally, a host of health sensors such as pacemaker, blood glucose monitor, etc. are assisting people to a better and more enjoyable living. The possibility is unlimited. And it will get only better as the digital technology evolves. 

How has your life benefited from the real-time analytics?


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