Don’t Run Away From Life’s Pain

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Pain is an inevitable fact of life. It is a part of our human experience and comes in many forms: growing pain, pain in giving birth, accident, ailment, loss, and list goes on. They may seem undesirable on the surface but are in actuality teachers of life.

How one deals with pain is integral to her/his identity and outlook on life. Each individual  learns and internalizes the pain on their own. One thing certain is that running away is a mistake that many attempted but the outcome always disappoints.

In contrast, the door to life opens when we confront our pains. However complex, we benefit from working through it step by step and emerge courageously on the other side. That’s how life experience teaches us.  So we can say: being there, done that!

One more thing: while the experience is individual, that does not mean we have to go through pains alone. Be compassion toward others, and share our experiences. That is how we help one another grow in this journey called life.    

Sharing indeed is caring, don’t you agree?

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