Increasing Voter Participation?

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Hard to miss the campaign yard-signs proliferating in the communities and along the roadsides. After all, 2022 is a mid-term election year in the US. 

While I applaud the enthusiasm of the political campaigns, the real question is how can we engage more of the general public’s participation in the process? Specifically, getting more people to vote on the election day?

One approach is to make the process easier by putting the burdens on the system and not on the people. Taking a queue from the business such as Amazon and Google, the aim is to make it as easy as possible for the customers. In this case, the voters. 

This’s why I like Professor William Galston’s Youtube video titled: How can we increase voter participation?  Galston offers simple ideas like holding elections on a weekend (so most people would not have to take off from work), or making election day a national holiday, and reasons why we are not doing them.

If interested, I highly recommend taking a watch of this short video (less than four and a half minutes) and share your thoughts.

Do you think the major political parties are against expanding the voting pool? 

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