Confession Of A Surburbanite

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On the eve of the Memorial weekend, I had to drive the wife into Washington DC for a medical appointment. Normally, this kind of  business can be taken care of nearby. But not today. The only available appointment was in the city. So off we went.

Well, it has been six years since my retirement. I used to commute to and from the city daily. So I was not fazed by the trip. That was until I hit the traffic circles. Oh sometimes, they are called the turnabouts.Which lane to be in is of crucial knowledge and makes a big difference.

You see, if not properly positioned, you may never get to where you wanted to go. For instance, on the outside lane, you may be forced to exit prematurely. And if on the inside lane, you get stuck and miss your exit. And that was what happened to us. Several times.

Luckily, we left home early and, even with all the missed turns, got to the appointment barely in time. I couldn’t blame the heavy traffic, nor the multiple road constructions, not even the infamous turning circles within the city. They are actually the norms.

It was me, the ex-road warrior turned suburbanite, who had forgot how it was. As a result, I got to re-live those not so fun memories, once again.

Which part of the city driving do you dislike the most?

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1 Response to Confession Of A Surburbanite

  1. OmniRunner says:

    When you know where you are going and when to make a lane change and someone else doesn’t know where they are.
    Driving in traffic is never fun, but when you are in traffic with people who know where they are going it’s almost like choreography sometimes.
    But a rotary can be like a Westside Story fight scene!

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