An American Tragedy

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The Texas Elementary School shooting on Tuesday (5/24) left 19 young students and 2 teachers dead. It is difficult for anyone to look at the victims’ pictures and not be moved. Another mass shooting, another gun violence, and all too much.

In the US there are more civilian-owned guns (393 million) than there are people (326 million) according to the Washington Post report. However, the number of guns is not the problem, but the number of violence with guns/mass shooting, is the issue.

To be clear, not that every American (man, woman, child) owns guns.  In fact gun ownership are concentrated in a small minority of household (3 percent own about half the nation’s guns) or less than half of the households (42 percent) own guns.

But clearly, the violence from gun’s misuse escalates. What can be done to curb the violence without infringing on the people’s right to bear arms? Is it gun control? Universal background check? Mandatory sentencing for ghost gun? Or  .  .  .

Understandably, everyone wants action. But nobody seems able to come up the solution — not the White House, not the US Congress, not the National Rifle Association.  

That’s the tragedy.

What is your thought on the American gun culture?

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