Week In Review – 29 May 2022

Mass shootings happen all too often in America (two in last two weeks). Even though majority of Americans favor some forms of gun control, sadly there is no solution in sight to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again.

Now-a-day seems everything is being turned into a cultural war, be it gun violence, racial tension, abortion, or policing. Instead of letting the pains we feel teach us, they are being weaponized in attempt for political advantage.

We should be able to learn from our life’s discomfort without defaulting to extremes. Take my trip downtown for instance. I don’t have to take another job in the city to appreciate how challenging its traffic patterns is. Doing so would be extreme.

A better way is to tap into the real-time analytics to help us navigate through life’s difficult choices. With 2022 being an election year, opportunity is ripe for meaningful issue-center discussions which will increase voter participation.

The question is will the political campaigns respect our civil liberty and rise above partisan smear or default to the cultural war strategy? We shall see and decide accordingly.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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