Shanghai Lockdown

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Yesterday, the lockdown at Shanghai, China was lifted.  The city of 25 million residents was confined for two months in compliance with China’s Zero-Covid policy. While the Chinese Communist Party claims a victory in its campaign against the Coronavirus, I can’t help to think this came at a great price.

Two months confinement is a long time. Financially, two month rent or mortgage payments against no income is a big hit on personal emergency savings (assuming there is one). The mental anguish alone would drive me up the wall.  Not to mention, the absence of social contact or personal liberty.

But I could be totally off-base.

After all I am living in a capitalist country with very different values from Chinese communist or the socialist market economy system. China may be thinking the one million plus Covid-19 fatalities in the US is outrageous and a bigger price than the temporary sacrifices of its people. 

What would you have preferred if given a choice?


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