Week In Review – 6 Jun 2022

The Memorial Day holiday on Monday was overshadowed by the killings of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas the week before. The mass shooting, 16th for the year, reflects a trend of violence and signs of mental health and social issues in our society.

On the positive side, the Coronavirus pandemic may be ending soon. Yes, after two plus years perhaps we have the virus under control. In Shanghai, China, 25 million residents was finally able to return to their normal life on 1 Jun after a two month lockdown.

In comparison, the Americans believe more in their own destiny and less on governmental  interventions. This is evident in vaccination, gun control or other social policies. No right or wrong, just different values. But us too want the Covid-19 to go away.

Worth noting is the scorching heat from the last day of May has since abated. Weather around the Washington DC area is now back to its seasonal norms. Just as thankful is my lower back pain which has improved as well due to me finding my posture.

Stay safe & Have a nice week.

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