Active Shootings On The Rise

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This past weekend was the deadliest mass shootings* in the US this year with 17 killed and 82 wounded (USA TODAY).  Which brings the total number of mass shootings to 284 for the year (Wikipedia).

How does the number compare?  Not good.

For the same first weekend in June 2021,  7 people were killed and 53 wounded in mass shootings.  And we are only at beginning of the summer.  Last year ‘s total was the highest on record since the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) started tracking in 2014.

No doubt the active shooting in the US is on the rise. The question is what are we going to do about it? Until we can collectively come to a solution, the tragedy continues.

*Mass shooting is categorized by 4 or more victims.

What do you think is the cause for this culture of violence?

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