The Two Unpopular Topics

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Aging and death are two topics that are little discussed in the US.  I have no explanation as why that is so. Especially when both are inevitable parts of life. To me, it flies in the face of mindful living.

On the account the baby boomers (born after WWII, 1946 – 1964) are graying, this generation, estimated at 73 million (US Census), is the second largest age group after the millennials. Shouldn’t the economic incentives alone would draw more attentions to them?

And with the boomers be at age 65 or older by 2030, surely the topics of aging and death would crossed people’s minds. Perhaps with increasing frequency.  Some end-of-life planning beg public discussions such as:

  • Will our medical system be adequate to care for them (think Covid-19)?
  • Where will they live when they no longer can drive, walk, or comprehend?
  • What can we do to be more open and forthright about, instead of shunting, the topic of aging and death?      

Why do you think the aging and death are taboo topics?


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