Week In Review – 12 Jun 2022

Narcissistic dictators exist throughout history, and they result in sufferings for a mess of unfortunate people. To wit, the Russian invasion of Ukraine on its fourth month affects lives of millions around the globe. But because of his ego, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not relent his aggression.

Of course, easy to forget that our world has more good than bad.  In spite of the Ukraine war, Covid-19, inflation, and the likes, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of England’s Queen Elizabeth II marks her 70th year on the throne and the peace the Briton has endured. To her majesty, long live the queen!

In celebrating life, we should not shunt the inevitable truths of aging and death no matter how unpopular they may be.  How we handle them, and our other vulnerabilities, affect not only our public policy but also social equity at large. Especially given the rising gun violence we are facing.

Lastly, the highly anticipated “Jan 6” Committee hearing kicked off this week. This is important because it dealt with an unsavory chapter of our history that should not be forgotten.  Collectively, we have the opportunity to reflect what we really stand for as the  nation’s conscience is on full display.

Stay safe & Have a nice week.

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