Curiosity In Everyday Interactions

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What to do everyday after retirement is a question deserves careful considerations before one decides to pull the plug and trade in for the gold watch.

It happens that some people face boredom after getting all the travels, plays, and sleeps out of their system, say after 6 months. Then what?

Personally, I have retired for 7 years and would not go back. Because I find so much I have yet to experience besides working. Not knocking on work.  Just I am ready for something else.

Here is the point, like going to work, there are routines in retirement as well. The key is to find excitement in everyday interactions.

For instance, I meditate first thing in the morning before thoughts start to fill my mind’s cup. The practice allows me to wake up my mind (and body) one breath at a time.

This way, I am more ready for what’s to come rest of the day.  A far cry from my previous routine of commuting to downtown at the crack of dawn half awake.

Plus, traveling everyday and feasting every meal are not that common nor sustainable. Better to find meanings in living by staying curious in everyday interactions.

Did you notice the butterflies in the picture?

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2 Responses to Curiosity In Everyday Interactions

  1. Warren says:

    right. I retired 8 years ago and have never looked back….make that semi, working part time selling running shoes, organizing runs, and doing things I actually like doing……

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  2. terryshen says:

    Good for you, Warren. Life is short. So enjoy yourself.


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