Going Extreme

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No no, I am not talking about the K-pop sensation BTS quitting (sorry BTS fans).  Instead, in the spirit of phenology, I sense our life is going extreme, and I’m not making this up.

To wit, the headline reads: “Extreme weather is tormenting every US region.” By extreme weather, it means dangerous heat, severe flooding, and blocked weather (i.e. traffic jam of weather patterns in the jet stream).

In fact, the National Weather Service has issued heat warnings for more than 100 million people from Minnesota to Florida for the next two weeks. And, snow melt and heavy rain caused “unprecedented” flooding that closed the Yellowstone National Park.

These extremes are disrupting our lives in terms of wildfire, power outage and other disasters. As unfortunate as they are, we are the instigators (think carbon dioxide and greenhouse effect) and victims at the same time.

Have you noticed the extreme patterns?

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2 Responses to Going Extreme

  1. Warren says:

    up in Canada we’ve got the same thing. until last year I never heard of anyone dying because of the heat, but on the west coast over 600 people just in Vancouver did. extreme rainfall near where I am now, lots of flooding this year, drought the last few years…Spain hotter than it’s been in over 150 years…..


    • terryshen says:

      Sorry to hear, Warren. But I’m not surprised. It is just going to get more extreme, record breaking, or whatever if we stay on the same trajectory. Thanks for your comment.


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