Feeling Good About My Run

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Even though running slower and less than before, I feel good about my running. Before the Covid pandemic, I run marathons. And I train for those races.  Goals like faster finish, personal record, or no injury were my motivators that kept me in the game.

Well, the pandemic changed my running routines and motivations.  For more than two plus years, I have been running in the off-season mode: three time a week at easy pace. And I reverted to the basic goal of running for my health.

And I feel good because I am still moving in the right direction, albeit with a different mindset.  You see, eventually, I will not be able to run. And the pandemic provides me the opportunity to re-assess how running makes me feel good.

No longer driven by running goals or pushed by training schedule, I feel good not just at the end of my run but also during it. Like married couples, my mind and body work out their differences and co-exist peacefully. Definitely less stressful.

Will I get back into running races after the pandemic?  May be. If so, my goals will be modified to reflect what I have gained thus far.

How is your running?

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