Happy Father’s Day Mr. Biden

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President Biden took a tumble off his bike today while riding in a Delaware State Park. Apparently, his foot was caught on the bike pedal while dismounting, a common problem even for experienced rider. Thankfully, the 79 year old leader of the free world is doing fine.

The news however made me cringe. Among the challenges Mr. Biden is facing, inflation, Covid-19, Ukraine war, and mid-term election, the last thing he needed is a mishap to make him look frail. But in a backhanded way, it made him normal, like you and me. I can only wish to do as well when I am 79. 

Deep down, I believe Mr. Biden is emotionally strong and weathers the challenges fine. Personally, I prefer him at the helm than his predecessor Mr. Trump.  At least, I know what to expect from day to day with Biden in the White House.

So on the occasion of tomorrow’s Father’s Day, I wish President Biden a joyful time, as much as he can afford, to spend with his family.

Are you ready for Father’s Day?

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1 Response to Happy Father’s Day Mr. Biden

  1. Warren says:

    oddly enough I’m just watching a doc on Watergate, find it’s funny that Nixon’s campaign quote was the make America number one again…..and yes, we’ve all fallen off a bike at some point, me often…sometimes you just don’t click out quick enough….it’s good to have a commander and chief that does what we all do every day, a normal guy…one of us

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