Week In Review – 19 Jun 2022

The trend of extreme weathers is continuing. While not as devastated as elsewhere,  Washington DC hit a record of 99 degrees (Fahrenheit) on Friday, before the Father’s Day and Juneteenth holiday weekend. The climate instabilities inflict costs beyond economic calculations or planning.

Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of catching up with us: sending the message that we should be kind & gentle when it comes to our precious planet. Unfortunately, blinded by socioeconomic benefits and ignoring the first principles such as “first, do no harm,” we are mortgaging our own future.

On a positive note, the Covid pandemic is tapering after two plus years. However, I am still wearing my mask when gathering indoor. While not signing up for races, I do feel good about my run and am more curious about what’s happening around me. Lastly, to all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day!

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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1 Response to Week In Review – 19 Jun 2022

  1. Warren says:

    you know that keeps surprising me is that Nixon created the EPA?….hard to believe of all people, he was one looking ahead….


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