Texas Republicans

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Seldom do I react emotionally to political news. But I am so glad that I am not a Republican living in Texas. I will explain.

Over the weekend, the Texas Republican Convention convened in Houston and formalized their party platform. Among other items is that President Joe Biden “was not legitimately elected” in 2020.

When I saw the news, I literally jumped out of my skin. The lie of “a stolen election” is now formally endorsed by the Republican Party in the second largest state (in terms of size and population) in the US.

Not only that, the endorsement took place while the public hearing by the US House Selected Committee on 6 Jan Capital Riot is on going.  By the way, the next hearing is scheduled for tomorrow (6/21) at 1 pm ET.

While everyone is entitled to their political beliefs, I feel for Senator John Cornyn, Representative Dan Crenshaw, or any Texas Republicans who are not aligned with their party’s platform. They are sheep among wolves.

Tough road ahead.

How do you think the national Republican Party will respond? 

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2 Responses to Texas Republicans

  1. Warren says:

    Just finished watching a doc on Nixon and Watergate….he finally quit after being told to by members of the Republican Party…and yes, he was horrible, but he did some great things…times have changed, I believe there may be good people in the republican party, some, there has to be, but then, then yeah, Texas, and Florida?……who knows how this ends?


    • terryshen says:

      Yes Warren, I am confident that there are many good people in the Republican Party including Liz Channey and others who resist the Trumpism. But the party as a whole in my opinion has some soul searching to do. It sure feels like a multiheaded monster right now.


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