Supreme Court’s Landmark Decisions

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The US Supreme Court has made two rulings in the past two days that shook the country: 1) striking down the New York law on controlling concealed handgun and 2) overturning the “Roe v Wade.”  The first ruling deals with gun rights, and the second abortion rights.

Both rulings are of historical portion and hard fought by proponents on either side of the arguments.  The gun rights is tied to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and has the backing of the powerful lobbying arm of the NRA (National Rifle Association) while the  abortion rights (the Fourteenth Amendment) had been the law of the land for near past 50 years.

Of course, being the highest court in the country and the final arbiter of the laws, American people (84%) expect the Court to be apolitical and unbiased in its decisions.  That appears to be too much to ask for. Both rulings were decided (6-3) along the party/ ideological lines (6 of the 9 Justices are appointed by Republicans).

Are you happy with the Supreme Court rulings?

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3 Responses to Supreme Court’s Landmark Decisions

  1. Warren says:

    and what’s happens next…..Thomas has said this is just the beginning?


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