Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

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Fresh fruit and vegetables are my favorites. They are not only tasty, healthy, but also  inexpensive. But challenge is that they are perishable. So how to keep them fresh is the limiting factor given my fixed refrigerator space.

Many produce I see in store typically were harvested early (e.g. green bananas). So they can economize the logistic time to ripe later, in-store or at home. Therefore, how to preserve them at home is a factor that makes a difference.

Here is an article I came across titled “How to store fresh fruit and vegetables for months without a refrigerator,” Which answers that question directly. It offers doable options to keeping the produce fresh longer and thus maximizing their value.

I like to shop at farmer’s market from time to time.  And the tips suggested in the article can come in handy. Who wouldn’t love to keep their fruit and vegetables fresh and save money. I can’t wait to give them a try.

Got any tips on how to keep your produce fresh at home?

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3 Responses to Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

  1. Warren says:

    I do just seem to shop a lot….not as much as when I was into juicing (that got expensive) I know we’re supposed to shop once a week, but we seem to always shop as we need…..the best was when we had a house with two gardens and a cold storage room…..

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