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Week In Review – 31 Jul 2022

Last week & days of July. Not a lot of good news happening unfortunately. The passage of time does not erase what continue to plaque us, namely the Covid-19 pandemic, Russian War on Ukraine, and inflation. And their impact is … Continue reading

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Bonus Me-Time

  Another Saturday morning run. Except, today I pushed myself a bit more than usual which I will explain below. And now, I can the fatigue catching up with me. All good. Normally, my Saturday run consists of warming up … Continue reading

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Covid-19, US Update #9

  Three months ago, when there was a lull with the Covid in the US and the face mask restriction was lifted, Americans headed to the road in flocks, dubbed the revenge travel.  The  Coronavirus appeared to be in our … Continue reading

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  How much do you trust the information you’re getting? Do you feel compelled to fact-check their sources? What about the “Big Lie” touted by the former President Donald Trump? How deep would you dig to verify the accuracy? Misinformation … Continue reading

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Kenly, North Carolina, USA

  Kenly, North Carolina is a town with a population of 1,491 people (2020 Census) and a police department of 7 staffs: a police chief, 4 officers, and 2 clerks. You may be wondering, why mentioned the police department? Interestingly … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Biodiversity

  The rising temperature is wreaking havoc across our world.  Increase in the intensity and frequency of wildfires, storms, and periods of drought are becoming common occurrences. As we live through these changes, what could be the impact to our … Continue reading

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Human Machine Attachment

  Machine does not have feelings. It does not grow attached. Only we do — we get attached  emotionally. At least, I do. Especially when something works well for us.  The convenience, trust, and dependency are some of the attributes … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Jul 2022

Global warming is here, no longer a scientific prediction.  We have record breaking temperatures melting runway, collapsing roof, and burning forest among other mishaps. When this trend continues, threats to agriculture and food security are inevitable. Guess what? Covid pandemic … Continue reading

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Practicing Gratitude On My Run

  It was 79-degree Fahrenheit this morning when I finished my long run. Yes! Supposed to be getting a heatwave today in the 95, and 100 tomorrow. So getting a jump on the heat was a necessity. Many people came … Continue reading

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In-person Policy?

  It’s 91-degree Fahrenheit outside.  And I am glad to be indoor sheltered by my air conditioning. Some people are not as lucky. They are outdoor because their jobs. Examples include mail-persons, construction workers, traffic cops. It’s their job requirement. … Continue reading

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