Fun With Rituals

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Do not confuse ritual with routine. Albeit similar, the former is intentional and selected for personal fulfillment while the latter is more a schedule-based task.  In comparison, ritual is more mindful and enables.

Take my Saturday morning long run for instance.  I have a ritual of running it with my group.  Getting up at the crack of dawn, heading out without eating, and joining the gang for our long run.  Have been doing this for years.

This ritual is especially helpful during the marathon training as the distance gets progressively longer week after week.  The ritual helps to carry me through some of the runs that would be tough by myself.

You can find rituals that work for you.  The following are what I found helpful: 1) tailor it to fit your needs (e.g., preparation, planning, reflection), 2) select something you can do regardless, without fancy equipment or facility, 3) make it so that you feel good about it, an enabler.

What are some of your rituals?

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