Failing The Moments (Of Intent Or Need)

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Even though the Republican is the minority party under the current administration, it has captured the moments better than  President Biden and the Democrats. The contrast could not have been more obvious. Allow me to explain.

When the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade a week ago, majority of the country (64%) said abortion should be legal. The impetus for government action has surged since the court’s decision, but the issue is being punted to the states.

When Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine back in February, majority of American strongly supported US aids to Ukraine. Now four months and 24 billion dollars later, that support is slipping. Because of what? We don’t want to anger Putin or make him lose face?

Other examples such as Covid-19 and inflation are similar missed opportunities for Mr. Biden and the Democrats to capture the momentum of the issues and satisfy the American people. Imaging even former President Trump can get away with his hydroxychloroquine.

Is it a problem of mismatched expectation, over-cautious, or under-delivery? I don’t know. But from a customer viewpoint, neither the intent nor need is clearly articulated.  Hence, not scratching the itch. Instead, telling people to vote in the midterm is the wrong narrative.

What do you think the Democrat needs to change to capture the moments?

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2 Responses to Failing The Moments (Of Intent Or Need)

  1. OmniRunner says:

    They need better marketing.
    The Rs are really good at labeling things like estate taxes as death taxes. Or welfare moms are takers but welfare for corporations is the best thing ever.
    Tax cuts for the rich are sold as trickledown economics even though GHW Bush called it “Voodoo Economics”. He’s beginning to look rather brilliant these past few decades.
    Choice is labeled as “abortion on demand” while pro-lifers can gut the programs needed to support children born into poor families and those policies are called “fiscally responsible.”
    528K jobs is unbelievable! Killing the 2nd in command of the taliban is a great accomplishment. They should be all over the place talking about these achievements.

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  2. terryshen says:

    I agree Andy that labeling is a tactic better with the Rs than Ds. Labeling also has the advantage of sticking “in the moment” giving the emotional appeal that works with certain segments of the population. So much so, I think the MAGA is going to make a comeback run. Unfortunately.


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