Special Interests In America

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In the U.S., you have to fight for your rights. Sounds vicious? But it’s true. Always has been, and always will be. Because we believe in democracy, but our society is governed by capitalism — A free market that anyone can participate. Survival however is based on competition.

In other words, you have to fight for what you want; ergo, the special interest groups.

You name it, there is one for just about any unique hobby out there, with its own newsletter, magazine or no less. Besides the biggies like AARP, Christian Coalition, NRA, how about the reptile keepers or the cigar rights folks? I am not making this up.

The plethora of special interest groups allow everyone to find their footings with a group having the same values/ interests. The benefits include identity, newsletter/ magazine, social network, and most importantly a platform to fight for your particular interests.

In Washington DC, some of the best real estates are occupied by lobbyists representing the special interest members’ access to politicians and their political machinery. They’re well connected, greased & prepared to jump into actions.

Even if I were holed up in a cave somewhere in the boonies, I best sign up with an organization like the Sierra Club, so I will not be swallowed by pollution or wiped out the face of earth by caveman haters without a fighting chance.  At least I know and have a special interest group standing with me.

Are you member of any special interests group?

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3 Responses to Special Interests In America

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Aren’t we all part of one interest group or another?
    Probably informally, but none of us want taxes to go up on people in our situation in life. And none of us want laws that will adversely effect our jobs or children.

    But I guess to be part of a special interest group in a political sense you have to donate money, vote and perhaps make your voice heard. Otherwise, you’re just another complainer who just wants to hear their own voice. 😉

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    • terryshen says:

      Yes Andrew. The difference being public interest affects all while special interest the selected few. Hence the competition for resources. What backward is when lobbyists can manage to elevate their client’s interest over the public’s. Or when politicians pushing for exclusive nationalism.

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