Congressional Term Limits?

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The Presidency of the United States is limited to two (four year) terms as ratified by the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  All good.

However when it comes to the Congressional members, either the Senate or the House of Representatives, there is no term limits. In other words, Senators and House Representatives can serve a lifetime as long as they get re-elected.

And they do. Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia died at age 92 while serving his ninth term. And Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina retired at age 100 after 48 years of service. No doubt, their constituents loved their representatives.

However, many feel (myself included) that a term limit may be a good idea (see the pros & cons here). But the Founders to our country considered it otherwise. So, if a Congressional term limits is desired,  a modification to the Constitution, similar to the 22nd Amendment, has to make that happen. 

What do you think about the term limits for Congressional members?


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1 Response to Congressional Term Limits?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I agree with term limits, but can you see these people actually voting yes?
    It is ultimately up to the voters. But who is going to vote out a 90-yr old Senator along with all of their seniority?
    I think Maine has term limits for state reps and senators. As far as I can tell the state is still running.
    There used to be a guy from some small town who was speaker of the house for decades. I think the legislature voted for term limits partly as a result of him.
    You need fresh faces and new ideas. People in office for decades collect too many friends who expect too many favors.

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