It’s Not Over

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The Covid-19 pandemic is not over. In fact, it’s “no way near over” according to the World Health Organization. Despite effective vaccines and therapeutics, new case number and  hospitalization are on the rise.  So are the concerns for re-infection and “long Covid.”

The inflation is not over.  On the contrary, it is reaching a new 40-year high in the US. Food, gas, and rent costs have been putting pressures on the consumers whose paychecks remain the same amount. Meanwhile, the Fed is meeting to consider raising the interest rate — an attempt to reduce demand and fight inflation.

The Russian war on Ukraine is not over.  Despite more than 4 months of trying, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Specialized Military Operation is grinding on.  The longer the war of attrition lasts, the greater lost for both sides (and the rest of the world) as both were major producers of grain and gas to the world.

No one knows when the above will end (don’t hold your breath). But, for sure, they will not last forever. And we’ll all be better off when they end.

How are you preparing yourself in view of the above?

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