On Work Friends

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Work-life balance was an important principle for me. The two sides were kept apart. When I retired seven and a half years ago, most of my “friends” from the work dropped off.

Of course, the geographical spread and schedule disparity in a city like Washington DC can make it apropos for the separation. But I wonder — were they really my friends?

In general, we pick our friends (and vice versa).  Co-workers, however, are different; kind of like in-laws — you don’ pick them; they come with the territory.

Nevertheless, workplace does contain social and political dynamics. Which makes friendship not only possible but crucial at times. We all need support in one way or another.

So in that context, where does one draw the line between boss, subordinate, ally, co-worker, teammate, BFF?

How much time do you spend after-hours with friends from work?

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2 Responses to On Work Friends

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I spend almost no time with my colleagues. Though when we travel we enjoy each other’s company.
    Work friends are like friends from school or a club. You have a common interest to bond over. Once you no longer have the common interest, the bond loosens and often goes away.
    I know a few people who collect friends over their career. But only a few.
    I think seeing work friends drift away is very common and not a reflection on anyone.

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    • terryshen says:

      I like the way you put it “common interest to bond over,” Andy. When that common interest ceases to exist, so goes that bond. Make senses to me. Thanks for sharing.


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