Week In Review – 17 Jul 2022

We’re in midsummer.

Instead of enjoying the swimming pool and watermelon, our nation is mired in a prevailing pessimism. People are waddling in a perpetual cycle of bad news.  When trying to escape, they get trapped in long lines of airport security, flight cancellation, or skyrocketing gasoline price.

Why is it so? Are we really dealing with a no-win situation or just a perception? I think the latter.

In spite of what out there, a better approach, than running away, is figuring out what gives you joy, follow it up, and stand firm on it.  It is more practical than collective amnesia or pretending the problems’ nonexistence. Go ahead and proclaim that fear or scaring tactics is for the weaklings.

That’s why I was inspired by the post “I am still standing.” It illustrates the reality of dealing with Ageism in America (another challenge among the multitude we have) and claims the individual dignity at whatever age we deserve.

Borrowing from that attitude, we can boldly go forward, face life’s challenges with a renewed optimism, and show others (even your work friends) that we can and do remain the master of our own fate.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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