World On Fire?

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Seems like our world, at least the northern half where I am, is so hot that it is on fire.

Scorching hot temperatures are looming over the Western Europe and around the Mid-central US. The heat melts away any energy that individual had. On top of that, the humidity robs however little desire left to do anything.

Today, in Washington DC, the high temperature went above the 90 degree Fahrenheit mark. For me, I tried to stay indoor — hiding within the air conditioned spaces. A flash thunder shower did grace us in the late afternoon.

Felt like the Mother Nature took pity on us and lowered the temperature a few notches. However, it did not matter much to my AC which had been working on overtime.  Even after the sun set, the earth stubbornly refused to cool down.

Or perhaps it never will (today’s low is in the 70’s). And the cycle is expected to repeat  again tomorrow.

Are you coping with the heat? How are you staying cool?

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2 Responses to World On Fire?

  1. Warren says:

    I’ve ben following the tour de france where the temp is hovering around 40C….1,000 people dead in Europe, airport runways melting…..air conditioning just makes it worse and heats up the cities even more…..thinking about people in high rises….brown outs the power goes out…so no air conditioning, no elevators, possibly no water…….and yeah, another day another mass shooting in the USA…how is it our species survived, no other could possibly be as stupid

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  2. Terry says:

    Tour de France in 40C? That is insane! Warren. It is quite incredible what we do as human beings, and we need to wise up and veer away from actions that are self destructive. Ukraine war, climate crises, etc. Thanks for sharing.


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