What It Takes For Me To Be Race Ready?

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Racing is more than putting on a pair running shoes and going for it. It takes much more, at least for me.

One – Depending on what kind of race. In general the longer the race (for example: a 5 K versus 5 milers) the more the preparations required. My marathon training, for example, is 20 weeks long.

Two – Racing involves both physical and mental fitness. No matter how much I want to race, my body has to be ready. Otherwise I risk injuring myself from pushing too hard. But, physical fitness is only a necessary but not sufficient condition. Unless I am mentally up to the task, I am not ready.

Three – Covid-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon. I don’t want to mingle with people at or near the starting line. Not at this time. Same for the finish.  Wearing a mask may take care of that concern. But a race is not critical enough for me to deal with that.

Are you ready for racing?

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