Tale Of An Election Poll Worker

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Again, I participated this year in the elections by working at the polling center.  Yes, I am a poll worker. The job entails long hours and pays little. But it gives me a  great sense of  satisfaction from participating directly in our democracy on the ground level.

On the Primary Election and Early voting days, I reported to my assigned polling center at the crack of dawn (6 am), an hour before the polls opened. I didn’t leave the place until after the polls closed (8 pm), the last voter was done, and the machines secured.

What amounted to is an whopping 15 plus hours day, on my feet, and a far cry from my leisure retirement life. Throughout the day, I must stay at the polling place, interact with tons of people, be ready to answer all kinds of voting questions. What was it that keeps me coming back to the job, you ask?

Simply, by the end of each day, I assisted voters in their participation of our precious democracy.  No matter the midterm or general election. When they left the polling place with that “I voted” sticker, they felt good about having done their citizenry duty. And I was most glad to be there to help.

Have you got your “I Voted? sticker?

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