In-person Policy?

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It’s 91-degree Fahrenheit outside.  And I am glad to be indoor sheltered by my air conditioning. Some people are not as lucky. They are outdoor because their jobs. Examples include mail-persons, construction workers, traffic cops. It’s their job requirement.

Albeit retired, I recall what job requirements were like. They are basically what necessary  to do the job — usually manifested by what your boss tells you.  Some requirements are clear cut, uniform, education and skill level, etc., while others are less straight forward.

As we know, the Covid pandemic has changed our lives including how we work. For the past two and a half years, businesses had to deal with and survived the changes to stay viable. Some thrived because of it, such as Zoom, Netflix, or Amazon.

Which brings me to the in-person office policy. To me, it is less clear than what meets the eye.  Be it a hybrid (1-2-3 days per week) or fulltime, the employer’s decision, other than  profitability, must be guided by laws to ensure a safe work environment. But . . .

Not sure how exactly are they doing it especially with the pandemic not yet under control? Is it mandatory vaccination? With special accommodation? How about routine testing and insurance coverage?  

Do you think the business has adequately transitioned the pandemic challenge?

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