Human Machine Attachment

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Machine does not have feelings. It does not grow attached. Only we do — we get attached  emotionally. At least, I do.

Especially when something works well for us.  The convenience, trust, and dependency are some of the attributes we associate with our favorite machines. Be it a car, chess set, or coffee maker. Same difference. We are hooked.

Make no mistake that attachment resides within us. But when the machine gets old, no longer function or look as well as when new, we have to make a decision. How to deal with the emotional attachment? Simply toss it out or a Buzz Lightyear moment?

Take my cars for example. I am not a car enthusiast at heart. But I do work on my cars. Wash them, perform minor maintenance like oil change, etc. on them — generally taking care of them so they can take care of my needs.

So what do I do with my cars when the time comes, you ask?  My cars typically ended up  as donations to charities. Always a moment of sadness for me when they get towed away. But perhaps secretly I’m hoping someone else would get more mileage out of them.

Did you have any favorite? How attached to them were you? 

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