Kenly, North Carolina, USA

Downtown Kenly By Indy beetle – Own work, CC0,


Kenly, North Carolina is a town with a population of 1,491 people (2020 Census) and a police department of 7 staffs: a police chief, 4 officers, and 2 clerks.

You may be wondering, why mentioned the police department? Interestingly enough, the entire department resigned last week (20 July) after the town council hired Justine Jones as its Town Manager.

Ms. Jones is Black.

All 7 staffs at the police department are White. And they cited toxic and hostile work environment as the reason for their resignations. For context, Ms. Jones started her job as the Kenly’s Town Manager on 2 Jun 2022, less than two months ago.

How toxic and hostile could it be in that span of time? None of the police department personnel gave specific examples in what appears to be a power play to oust Ms. Jones. If so, that would be incredible in present day US.

An emergency town council meeting has been scheduled for this Friday.

What do you think may be the reason behind the resignations?

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