Bonus Me-Time

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Another Saturday morning run. Except, today I pushed myself a bit more than usual which I will explain below. And now, I can the fatigue catching up with me. All good.

Normally, my Saturday run consists of warming up with easy jogs for the first mile or two. After my body warmed up and any aches subsided, I cruise into an easy pace for the balance of my 10 miler. My plan changed this morning when I ran into David in the parking lot.

David is also a regular at the C&O Canal Towpath.  Although a faster runner, he is recovering from an ankle injury and wanted to check out his ankle with a quick run. So, I offered to join him. Which meant my warmup just went out of the window.  Struggling to keep up with David was about all I could muster.

After some pleasantries and one and a half miles later, David was satisfied and turned back. Which left me to continue on my own. With the unexpected jump start, I was motivated to see how much I could handle if I pushed myself rest the way. Surprisingly, I liked it.

My legs were moving in longer strides covering more ground with each step. The faster pace had me gone beyond my usual turnaround point.  Mentally, the pace kept me at a heightened awareness: watching out for my steps, people, and rocks.

This resulted a bonus me-time — I was concentrating on myself, my running form, and little anything else. And a quality run to boot. Yes!

How do you make me-time?

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