Week In Review – 31 Jul 2022

Last week & days of July. Not a lot of good news happening unfortunately. The passage of time does not erase what continue to plaque us, namely the Covid-19 pandemic, Russian War on Ukraine, and inflation. And their impact is rippling throughout the world.

For the third year straight, the Coronavirus is still mutating and spreading. Immunization is holding for the vaccinated (and boosted) population, the death rate is slowing, but we are still far away from reaching herd immunity.

Russian president Vladimir Putin shows no interest of stopping his invasion of Ukraine which began five plus months ago under the pretense of a specialized military operation.  Nefarious characters like him will use misinformation to justify their claim.

Inflation in the US is at 9.1% (June data), the highest level in 40 years. Although higher prices are related to the pandemic and Ukraine war, the inflation is more a result of the government policy maker’s choice. Which impacts global economy.

As bad as these problems are, they pale in comparison to the consequence from the climate change our planet is facing. Nothing could be more obvious should we fail to act.  Just look at what happened to the dinosaurs.

Doom and gloom are not my intent here.  We all have our emotional truth.  What happening in Kenly, North Carolina shines a light on how deeply people hold it. If any of these news weighs you down, I recommend trying some me-time.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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2 Responses to Week In Review – 31 Jul 2022

  1. Warren says:

    you’re right about the me time. for me now, the news at 6PM…..may just check the weather report in the morning…stay away from the op-ed columnists…..I don’t need a 24 hour news cycle…it doesn’t mean that world’s collapsing, but life must go on

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