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Reblog: Today’s Quote

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Couple Time

  Couple time is when spouses spend quality time together.  Of courses, quality is in the eyes of the beholder and subjective. When done mindfully, even the most mundane or difficult task can be very meaningful together.  Such as time … Continue reading

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Insist Just A Bit More

Glory rests with those who insist just a bit more. Sounds like an inspiration talk for the marathon runners? Sure. Every person finished a marathon knows what that means – perseverance matters. It is a life lesson that has applicability … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 28 Aug 2022

Don’t know about you, I feel the time is slipping by faster and faster as the year goes on, like a roll of toilet paper. With only three days left in August, plenty anxieties exist. Whether it’s the droughts due … Continue reading

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Our Anniversary Trip

  My wife and I are taking a trip overseas to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Against the backdrop of summer/ revenge travel, supply chain shortage, pandemic lock-down, the trip is not without consternation. You see, we are going to Europe. … Continue reading

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Trump’s Walls Are Closing In?

  Less than twenty months out of office, former president Trump has himself in a legal quagmire that few would envy. To begin, the deep pocket of the government makes it hard for average people to fight in a legal … Continue reading

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The Human Experience, Part 3

  Our human experience is limited.  Not saying it not rich nor colorful; only it’s limited in terms of range and depth. Let’s see: human has been around approximately six million years. Modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 … Continue reading

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New Asphalt!

Finally, the streets in my neighborhood got a face-lift.  A long overdue surface re-paving can be seen in the picture above. I am excited. Trust me, when I say “overdue,” it’s not an exaggeration.  Our streets were in such bad … Continue reading

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Reblog: 5 ways to feel more present in your day-to-day routine

When I saw the line “how to turn routine tasks into mindful rituals,” it sold me right off the bat. You see, routine and ritual are different.  The former is unavoidable. We all have routines. Otherwise our days would be … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere?

  Who would have thought that water, as abundant as it is on this planet, would be a crisis today? While water makes up 71% of the Earth surface, they consist of mostly salty water (97%) in the oceans and … Continue reading

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