Justice Served?

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On 6 Jan 2022, Guy Reffitt packed a handgun with him to the US Capital. He declared his intention to harm Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell, then Senate Majority Leader. Even though never entered the Capital building nor did he assault the police, Reffitt was clearing the way and in front the pack of people who did.

For his part, Reffitt was sentenced to 87 months in Federal prison.  That’s 7 years and 3 months.

As background, Reffitt pleaded not guilty during his trial and had threatened to shoot his teenage son and daughter if they report him to the authority. District Judge Dabney Friedrich was clearly concerned with Reffitt’s behavior prior to handing down his sentence.

Federal prosecutors had wanted more.  They requested to add domestic terrorism as part of Reffitt’s crimes which would enhance the sentence to 15 years. But Judge Friedrich declined the request citing parity of Reffitt’s case with crimes committed by other convicted 6 Jan offenders.

Seems like Reffitt is a man with plenty of bravados, trying to be a hero, but was going abut it the wrong way. Pretty sure, we all know people like that.  But for his misconducts, Reffitt is going to jail for 7+ years.

Do you feel Reffitt’s sentence was about right, too lenient or too harsh?

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3 Responses to Justice Served?

  1. Warren says:

    I like the sentence, but, we we have the same issue with some here in Canada, I keep think, why not label them as traitors, and deport them…..why guns? we have elections, people run, people vote…and we debate, we disagree…..civil society..our future doesn’t look good


  2. OmniRunner says:

    I think all of the sentences have been too lenient.
    Trying to invalidate millions of votes and disrupt the peaceful change of power cannot be tolerated.
    Unfortunately, right now the rat bastards (and I’m being polite) are trying to get their sympathizers elected to positions so they wont have to storm the Capital to steal the next election. And they are meeting with some success.
    As Warren said, our future doesn’t look good. But I’m trying to remain optimistic.

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