Pelosi Visits Taiwan

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Big news of the day is Nancy Pelosi and companies’ visit to Taiwan. Why is it catching so much attention?  The answer is China. Ms. Pelosi’s visit to the island country is over the objection from the Chinese government.

The frosty US-China relationship right now is the framework and adds drama to the existing geopolitical tension. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine on its 6th month, the question is would China invade Taiwan? If so, will US be able to support a two-front war?

Furthermore, Taiwan has the world’s largest semiconductor/chip manufacturer (TSMC) with 54% of world’s market share.  China is the world’s factory.  A conflict in that region would have consequence ripples throughout the world, similar to the Russia-Ukraine scenario.

Do you think we can stomach another geopolitical conflict?


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2 Responses to Pelosi Visits Taiwan

  1. OmniRunner says:

    The world economy would go into a tailspin.
    We are so dependent on those chips. Even the Chinese are vulnerable to a disruption.
    They have been building capacity and may be holding off their attack until they can make all the chips they need.
    Otherwise they would ruin Taiwan for decades.
    I’m not sure the cost outweighs the costs of an invasion. There are 100 miles between Taiwan and China.


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