Russia & China – Two Peas in the Pot?

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China is conducting military exercises around the island country of Taiwan. This includes jet planes and live-fire drills in the air and at sea. Why? Apparently, it’s a show of force in retaliation to Taiwan’s hosting of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit earlier in the week.

If that sounds familiar, you’re right.  Just earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin conducted military exercises around Ukraine before he invaded it. Is China following the Russian footsteps?  After all both countries are authoritarian.

I hope not. The difference is that China is more overt and has announced its exercises with a map and time-line (4-7 Aug).

Perhaps, China just wants Taiwan to sweat a bit. To teaching the island nation a lesson if you will. Because, China considers Taiwan a breakaway province under its One-China slogan, and this is a domestic issue (which Taiwan disagrees).

If China thinks it is an emerging power on the world stage. It has to behave responsibly and comply with the international rules. But the way China acts is very unbecoming. If it chooses the Russia example, then the case is quite clear. 

Will China end its exercises after the 7th? Meanwhile what should the international community do?


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