Midsummer Observations

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Wind is kicking up again. Sweeping the debris clean off the street and into the gutters. Sure enough, thunderous rumblings soon follow the wind-swept noises. And a midsummer thunderstorm ensues.

Like clockwork, moisture evaporated throughout the day by the scorching sun and brutal heat have given weight to dark clouds in the sky and returned to earth in force: thunder, lightning, and late day thunderstorms. Boom!

That’s all fine and dandy ecologically. Except my plan to fix the handrails in front of my house has been delayed once again.  You see, the wood has to dry before I can start the  painting. But the posts to these handrails are always damp from the daily storms.

Other than that, everything else in the yard seems happy with the weather break. Grass are growing on steroid, and crepe-myrtles are bursting with colors. What’s not to like. I suppose my handrails will have to wait.

How is your midsummer (or winter) going?


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