It’s About Time

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Finally, the Democrats in the US Senate got their acts together to pass an albeit water-down version of the President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. The bill passed yesterday along the party line (51-50) with VP Harris casting the tiebreaker.

This is a major victory for President Biden and the Democrats. Which may give them a lift in the November Midterm election. What does the bill cover?

According to the Roll Call, “more than $450 billion over 10 years on energy and climate programs and tax breaks, a three-year extension of more generous subsidies for purchasing health insurance on public exchanges, expanded Medicare prescription drug benefits and caps on monthly insulin copays.”

Moreover, it will be “the most consequential climate change bill ever passed by Congress” according to the Reuters. You can’t see me, but I am doing my happy dance. The bill will go to the House this week before the White House for Biden’s signature.

For more details on the bill, click here.

Do you think 8 months was long enough to get this bill passed?

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