Praise the Shade

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Before making a single stride, I could sense a hot-sweaty run today. You see, the sun was already up and beaming brightly on the ground. Segments of the sidewalk exposed, reflecting off the heat, was contrasted by the cool-shaded ones. At least a10 degrees difference it seemed.

So, I sprayed extra sun protection on the back of my neck and ears while wondering if it would make me sweat more? Did not take me long to find the answer. Sweat was dripping down my eyebrows, traveling along the sides of my nose, and I barely got going.

Did not bother to wipe my sweat off. Because, one, it was helping to cool my body down, and two, why waste energy on such futile effort on a day like today. I just left them alone and my mind wonder. Better occupying the mind with something, anything other than the forsaking heat.

Upon the shades, I would cheat a bit by slowing down to catch a bit more breeze before trudging on. This worked well most of the way.  Except on the return, profuse sweat started to getting into my eyes. I had to pull my shirt up to wipe them off my face. Once that started, it was constant wiping to the end.

Yes, today was a hot one. Temperature was 78-degree Fahrenheit when I began my run  (supposed to get up to 95 later in the day).  Luckily, I had shades along my route.

How are you dealing with the extreme weather?

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